Our friend and economic commentator Franklin Sanders, who was interviewed for the Beyond Off Grid documentary and has been a guest on several of our webinars, sent out this analysis to his email subscribers this week.

“Trump spoke to Congress last night and among the blizzard of fluff & promises was spending $1 trillion for infrastructure. One’s mind searches from pillar to post, seeking a picture of this. Will he build bike paths along the Interstates? Quadri-sex bathroom stops? He offered no details on his oft-promised & richly ballyhooed tax reform or on trade, either


Give the man credit for unmitigated gall: he is pushing Blarney to regions of outer space where no politician hath yet set a toe.


Yea, and the Blarney stood him in good stead on Wall Street, where the Dow today beat 21,000 — only twenty-four days after it had crossed 20,000.


That ring a bell in y’all’s noggins? A market increasing at an increasing rate is a market gone hyperbolic and soon to cough, sputter, & collapse, having exhausted all its Blarney-fuel. Sometimes success is its own punishment.


And Trump called for financing the infrastructure boondoggle by ‘public & private capital,’ a.k.a., ‘public-private partnership.’ Technically — now all you Trumpites out there don’t get mad at me, this is merely the technical definition — a public-private partnership is ‘fascism,’ but it’s nothing new. It’s already the American way where the banks rule Washington & Washington rules us.


Yea, Buddy! We know how successful them public-private partnerships are! Think on the public-private mortgage creation motors, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mack. Both belly-upped in 2008, but not before they had glutted the mortgage market with zillions in soggy, sorry, worthless mortgages. Been under federal government receivership ever since.


Or what about another public-private partnership success, the Federal Reserve System? Now in fact it ain’t federal, and it hath no reserve, and there ain’t even much system about it. But like putting lipstick on a sow, they gussied it up in 1913 with a Board of Governors that the president appoints. The bank itself and the regional banks are privately owned by — the banks. Now there’s a set-up immune to conflict of interest, by golly!
Anyhow, since 1913 the Fed and its banking cartel have been lapping, sucking, and slurping the blood out of the American economy wholesale. Another public-private partnership success!


So far Trump has done nothing but wave the same old failed nostrums at the economy. Nothing new proposed, and certainly no measure that would go to the heart of economic & political problems, like restoring gold & silver money, abolishing the Federal Reserve, prosecuting criminal Big Banks & their officers, or restoring the rule of law generally. Mercy, he isn’t even talking about stopping the ‘perpetual war for perpetual peace’ keystone of the US economy, but is proposing MORE ‘defense’ spending.


Folks, I ain’t no more’n a nat’ral born durn fool from Tennessee, and when somebody, even some big somebody, walks down the street buck naked claiming he has on dazzling clothes only the virtuous can see, I ain’t got a speck more sense than to blurt out, ‘He’s stark, staring, buck naked!’ STOCKS: Y’all don’t’ get bent ut of shape. I was exepcting one more stock leg up.”

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