How do you live?

Most of us really don’t think about it much.

Aside from a few exceptions, most of us live without thinking much about daily life.

We buy food, clothing, and other essentials at stores.

We get water from the tap.

We accept unconstitutional regulation.

We work for dollars and put those dollars in the bank.

We don’t think much about those things, because we take them for granted. Life has been this way for so long that we just don’t think twice about it. This is life, or so we think.

In reality, each major modern grid system faces threats, threats that continue growing with each passing year.

As I once heard someone put it, each system becomes an inverted triangle—it becomes more and more unstable each time we lean more on it.

“…day by day, it’s miraculous that the system continues to hold on, with this many weaknesses and frailties that is [has].” –Michael Bunker

Our modern lifestyle seems secure, but we’re actually facing the inevitable…a collapse that must happen if things continue traveling the direction they are headed.

Thankfully, people are thinking about these issues today, largely because these issues have been thrust into the public eye.

Unparalleled debt and spending beyond our means.

Unsustainable farming practices and a food system that’s making us chronically ill.

Decaying infrastructure and loss of critical skills in our workforce.

Issues like these are becoming more mainstream issues–things people are discussing more than ever before.

But we still have a ways to go.

And the Beyond Off Grid film (something special about that in a moment) seeks to wake people up and expose the dangers lurking right in front of us.

In other words, it shouts a warning cry…before it’s too late.

“…when I saw the completed film, the completed film was much more radical than I even hoped it would be, because it is a kind of an indictment of modernity, of the modern lifestyle, and it’s a call to return to a more sensible way of life.”   —Franklin Sanders

In the film, we show the historical background of our current situation, where we’re headed in the future, and the simple solutions available that will solve the problems we face.

For you, the film serves two purposes:

  1. First, it helps solidify your understanding and convictions about modern life.
  2. Second, it helps you educate loved ones about the problems and—more importantly—the solutions.

Check out what people have been saying about the film…

“One of the best films I’ve seen for ages!  A really lovely, intelligent, inspiring film.” –Michelangelo B.

“This is a challenging film that speaks to the spiritual and cultural crisis that is upon us in late Modernity. The issues brought up in this film are an invitation to a deeper exploration of what it means to live freely and abundantly. We all must come to terms with the questions presented here – sooner or later.” –Jason F.

“this thought-provoking film shows us exactly how we got into this unsustainable, toxic, consumer driven mess we call modern society. It then gives us profound evidence of what might happen if we don’t change our ways, based on what’s happened with other societies in history that thought they were invincible.”  –Jennifer Osuch (Self Reliant School)

“I feel stressing the importance of America’s roots & living humbly with emphasis on God & family is key. The film portrayed this beautifully…there are many suggestions for skills & practical applications, which make this film’s content very valuable if one will just take it seriously. Thank you. Well done!” –Sharon Kinney

“Awesome documentary! Really puts everything in perspective and connects the dots clearly. We’ll being sharing this with Family and Friends.” –Robert K.

So, what about you?

Do you want to learn what is wrong with modern life and how to fix it? And, do you want to help others do the same?

Well, I have something special just for you…

Beyond Off Grid Film!

First, we’re offering a 2-DVD pack of the film.

(This is the perfect way to pick up a hardcopy for yourself and a loved one, or to give to a family member and a friend.)

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You can also take advantage of the DVD + Online Film Access Pass.

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Whatever format you get, this film is a weapon in your hands—a weapon that will help you fight the battle for truth and awareness now and in the months and years to come.

You can watch the intro of the Beyond Off Grid film for FREE!

You can get a taste of what the film covers and how it opens viewers’ eyes to the truth.

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