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Beyond Off Grid is a documentary film and media project that explores why we should strive to reduce our dependence on the modern economy and control grid, and how this can be accomplished. The modern consumer economy and associated way of living, with all of its conveniences and comforts, is not resilient to calamity, and often distracts from true spiritual blessings. True freedom is found by a Return to the Old Paths of productive households and local community interdependence. By exposing the weaknesses of the modern culture, financial and economic systems, and essential life support systems, and bringing to light the solutions that are available by learning from the past and wisely applying technology, this film seeks to inspire people to a greater degree of self sufficiency and local community interdependence while trusting in God.


Beyond Off Grid Training

We’ve hosted dozens of educational webinars to provide access to experts we have interviewed for the film, as well as others who have important knowledge and wisdom to provide to those seeking a lifestyle less dependent on modernity and all of the risks that it brings to your family’s safety and survival.


Beyond Off Grid Summit

In 2015, we launched the Beyond Off Grid Summit – a training program designed to equip people to Return to the Old Paths through lifestyle change.  Growing your own food, raising animals, off grid energy and water systems, natural building, and many more topics have been covered through our Summit Online Training.  We also conducted a live three day Hands-on training event in the mountains of Virginia that brought together experts and attendees from all over the nation to learn in the context of a unique homestead and farm, and recorded all the training on video that we are using to produce our one-of-a-kind Summit Event Video Course.


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