Amber Bradshaw

Amber Bradshaw

Amber is a suburban homesteader, environmentalist, garden and outdoor enthusiast. She is a wife, mother of three (20 yr old son, 14 yr old daughter and 3 yr old daughter), owns a contracting business with her husband, is President of the local Herb Society for the last three years, and a 4-H Leader.  Amber strives to get back into nature with a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle that fits a busy schedule and a tight budget.

In effort to reduce her environmental impact and toxic chemical exposure, she teaches workshops with her non-profit organization, Low Country Healthy Living, sharing with others how to make all of their household supplies implementing her 3 G principal.

1.     Good for you
2.     Good for the environment
3.     Good for your wallet

Visit her online at The Coastal Homestead.

Amber’s training sessions:

  • How to Make Your Own Natural Household Cleaners

Amber was featured in our Summit Online Course.