Chaya Foedus

Chaya Foedus

Chaya, along with her husband Wilson, founded Pantry Paratus in January 2011. Pantry Paratus is a small family owned and operated company that calls beautiful northwest Montana home. Paratus is latin for “ready” or “prepared”. It is their desire to see everyone think seriously about what the family is eating, where it comes from, and how they can preserve their surplus and prepare that pantry for the lean times.

They endeavor to equip and to teach pantry preparedness–healthy, wholesome food to nourish the family from the inside out, today and in the future.

Visit Pantry Paratus for more information and resources, including an online store and blog.

Chaya’s training sessions:

  • Why You Should Mill Your Own Grains and How to Start

Chaya was featured in our Summit Online Course.




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