KerryAnn Foster

KerryAnn Foster

KerryAnn Foster is a real food blogger, food storage expert, and natural health author. She is the founder of Nourishing Living Network, a central hub for traditional food and homesteading bloggers and, in 2005, she started Cooking Traditional Foods (now Intentionally Domestic), the longest running Traditional Foods menu mailer on the internet. KerryAnn has over a decadeĀ of traditional foods experience and is a former Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader.

KerryAnn and her husband Jeff live with their two children in North Carolina.

KerryAnn has published the premier book on the topic of storing real food titled, Real Food Storage. It has tips and tricks that KerryAnn has discovered from nearly a decade of traditional food storage, including how she and her family survived through two periods of unemployment that lasted 11 months and did not go hungry! The book also includes over 200 nutritious traditional recipes.

KerryAnn’s training sessions:

  • Real Food Storage

KerryAnn was featured in our Summit Online Course.