Rachel Payne

Rachel Payne

Rachel is a fourth generation farmer stemming from her paternal great-grandfather and a third generation goatherd originating from her maternal grandmother. Her roots include farmers, pioneers, homesteading mountain folk, and sharecroppers; the homesteading lifestyle flows in her blood from both sides of the family. Rachel has a Bachelors degree in English Literature, but abandoned her pursuit of higher education to pursue her dream of farming. She now works from home so that she can spend more time doing the things she loves, such as cooking real food from scratch and taking care of her livestock. There was truly never another option but for her to homestead — once it is in your blood, the passion for farming never leaves.

Rachel first started a homestead of her own when she purchased two Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in 2008. The homestead has since grown to include pigs, chickens, meat rabbits, and over a dozen goats in addition to three livestock guardian dogs, two horses, too many cats, and a few pet dogs. Her goals are to live deliberately, be a good steward, and practice a slower, more traditional way of life. Rachel raises her livestock as naturally as possible with the intent to allow them to lead good lives while also being productive members of the homestead and providing amazing, healthy food for herself and her family. She blogs about her homestead life — the good, the bad, and the manure covered — at Tiramar Farms Homestead. Her goats have a website of their own at Tiramar Dairy Goats. Her comprehensive book on goat reproduction, What to Expect When Your Goat is Expecting: Breeding, Pregnancy, Birthing, and More!, is set to be released in 2016.

Rachel also organizes a yearly homesteading conference that occurs on the last Saturday of September in Arlington, Tennessee. More information about the conference and be found at Homestead Education. Rachel will also be speaking about choosing the right livestock for your homestead at The Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference taking place April 2nd, 2016 in Crossville, Tennessee.

Rachel’s training sessions:

  • Why You Need Goats and What You Need to Get Started

Rachel was featured in our Summit Online Course.