Sharon Peterson

Sharon Peterson

Sharon is a homeschooling, gardening and canning mom who lives with her husband and sons in rural western Colorado. Hunting, gardening and canning are a way of life for this family.

Sharon first started canning after her garden grew and the food coming out had to be preserved. She has everything from apples, tomatoes and green beans to soups, stews and venison.

Her pantry is filled with the fruits of her labor. She teaches canning at Simply Canning where she emphasizes that safe home canning is a rewarding skill that benefits everyone involved, from those who grow the food to those who eat it.

Home Canning Resources

Check out all the resources Sharon has available, including:

Canning Safety

Canning recipes

Canning blog

Sharon’s canning newsletter

Simply Canning ebooks – including her Survival Guide, Elk & Venison Recipes, and Simple Soups

Simply Canning book on Amazon

Sharon also mentioned the National Center for Food Preservation

Home Canning Equipment

All American Pressure Canner – Sharon’s top pick

Presto Pressure Canner – Sharon’s second choice

Tattler Reusable canning lids

Ball Regular canning lids

Sharon’s training sessions:

  • Food Preservation Through Home Canning

Sharon was featured in our Summit Online Course.




Some Awesome Material by Sharon:

Simply Canning book

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