Tammy Trayer

Tammy Trayer

Tammy is a God fearing Wife, Mom, Web Designer, Writer, Author, a butcher, a baker, a soap and candle maker, a huntress, a homesteader, a pioneer, an avid outdoorswoman, a wilderness survivalist, an autism advocate, a gardener, a canner, an apprentice apiary, a forever optimist, a survivor, an embracer of dreams, a lover of traditional and primitive skills and an off-grid simple living girl that requires an IV to the outdoors…

She and her family live a very traditional life off-grid on 5 acres in northern Idaho.  They feel very led to share their knowledge and also enjoy inspiring others to embrace their dreams.

Tammy is a regular contributing writer for The New Pioneer MagazineAmerican FrontiersmenSurvivor’s EdgePrepare MagazineThe Backwoodsman MagazineCabin Life Magazine and the back issues of Self Reliance Illustrated.

You can also listen in every Wednesday to her Mountain Woman Radio Show either on their website or on iTunes.

She is the author of The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1 and How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle. She also has several other books started that will be released later.

In How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle, Tammy strives to debunk off-grid living and help people fully understand the pros and cons of living an off-grid lifestyle by sharing her story and the ins and outs of off-grid living. You will find information shared on every aspect from their solar system and other alternative energy options, as well as reliable companies to appliances and tools used on their homestead, their generator and large appliances, hacks to save energy, homesteading with special needs children, a look at a typical day on the homestead and more. Additionally, you will have access to many resources, printable pages and downloadable information. You can find her and her family at TrayerWilderness.com, on all social media and YouTube. Be sure to also check out TrayerWildernessAcademy.com where she and her family are teaching their homesteading, off-grid, traditional and wilderness survival skills to like-minded people just like you!

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